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Fall Faith Formation Classes

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This fall marks the launch of the broadest range of adult faith formation classes ever launched at Knox Church. You could look at these classes as simply opportunities to learn more about faith. But we suggest you see them as opportunities to build fundamental changes in your faith life!


Covenant Bible Study is a comprehensive, in-depth study of the whole Bible that emphasizes the Biblical concept of covenant as a unifying pattern through all the books in the Old and New Testaments.  It underscores the unique relationship God chooses to have with us as God's people.  Participants read and discuss the Bible together, learning how to love God -- and each other -- better!

  Covenant: Creating will examine the stories of our origins in Genesis, the critical Exodus narrative about the freedom of God’s people, the stories of a new teacher in the Gospels of Matthew and Mark, and other Biblical books that highlight foundational aspects of Christian belief and practice. The group will meet:


Wisdom is a complex and multifaceted concept that can best be explored through group discussions and personal reflection. Each semester we explore wisdom from different perspectives. This session we will look at the wisdom of elder tales, fairy tales that feature older protagonists. Elder tales present an alternative to the dominant heroic perspective and the unrealistic “happily ever after.” According to psychiatrist Allan Chinen, elder tales offer “a new image of maturity, centered around wisdom, self-knowledge, and transcendence.

Beginning September 15: Theology on Tap

Some of the most important moments in the history of the church took place in the pub: Luther kick started the Reformation over a few pints. The Church of England was started in the White Horse tavern. Hymns like ‘Love Divine, All Loves Excelling’ were inspired by pub music. And seemingly all the best conversations take place in the pub. The format is simple: beer, conversation, and God. Everything is up for discussion, no assumptions, no barriers to entry. In a nutshell, it’s people sitting around a table, talking about issues of faith and philosophy, ethics and ideas over a beverage.

Beginning October 2: Online Formation Group – Parables in Luke

No pre-registration needed.

On-going: Knox Book Group

New York Times best sellers, classics, and light reading alike are the focus of lively discussions for this group that meets monthly. Contact for information. No pre-registration necessary.

Later this year: “Reel” Theology

Join us during the advent series as we explore different perspectives on Christian theology as found in your favorite Christmas movies. Details and registration information coming later this fall.


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