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Interfaith Hospitality Network at Knox

Trick or Treating with the IHN Kids

At Knox, we host families (IHN serves only families and not individuals) for one week, every 6 to 8 weeks throughout the year. Knox volunteers set up for the arrival of our guests, prepare and provide hot meals, host evening activities, help with clean up, serve as overnight hosts and strip and take down the beds after our rotations are over. They also donate food for lunches and breakfasts as well as warm clothes, sheets, towels and toiletries for our guests. There are many opportunities to help out IHN guests at Knox. The guests arrive in evening around 5pm and have dinner with the Knox volunteers. After dinner, they make lunches to take with them for the next day and enjoy various crafts and activities prepared by Knox members. Our guests spend the night in the Sunday school rooms on the 3rd floor, and after breakfast in the morning, a bus from IHN arrives and transports them back to the day center.

If you would like more information about IHN at Knox, please contact Angela Cunningham. For more information about the IHN program, please visit their website.


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