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Memorial Gifts to Knox Church

At the time of death, many families prefer their friends to donate to a charity in lieu of sending flowers. The Knox Presbyterian Church Memorial Fund receives gifts from members and friends in memory of persons who are deceased and in honor of living persons.

Acknowledging Gifts

The church acknowledges these gifts to the donor and provides a list of the donors to the family of the deceased or to the honoree. A permanent record is kept of all memorial gifts.

Use of Memorial Funds

Depending upon the amount received, the wishes of the family or honoree, and the concurrence of the Session, the funds may be used for a prioritized need as deemed by our Special Committee on Memorial and Endowment Funds, or deposited in an ENDOWMENT FUND. You can even direct which program you would like to see supported with your gifts if you so choose. To learn more about specific memorial gift needs and opportunities, click here.

Responsibility for Memorial Funds

The Special Committee on Memorial and Endowment Funds administers the expenditure of Memorial Funds in support of various programs at the church.


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