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The mission at Knox is to be a joyful community of Christian faith, a growing reflection of God’s love. Your gift to Knox as a member or friend is a personal expression of faith and support for this mission, including its ministry and congregation.

We come into this world with God-given gifts and talents; returning a portion of the fruits of those gifts for God’s work helps the Knox ministry grow, helps the congregation flourish, and helps to spread the resulting care and support throughout the broader community.

In addition to your time and talents, giving to Knox involves support of the day to day operation of the church and its ministries and mission; the long term security of the church; and the “bricks and mortar” needs for our house of worship.

If you are interested in making a monetary donation to Knox, please see the Financial Gifts page and/or contact either of Knox's Pastors or Renche LeRoux our Financial Secretary. If you would like to make a donation of time and talents, find out how you can get involved at Knox!

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